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We have many new protocols in place to maintain a safe environment for you and our staff, including wearing masks, plexi-glass sneeze guards at each work station, new cleaning and sanitizing protocols, limiting the number of patients in the store at a time, etc.

  • Please ring the doorbell at your scheduled appointment time and an associate will greet you at the door. If you are early please call first to see if we are able to assist you before your scheduled time.
  • If you are coming in for your eye exam appointment please print out the paperwork ahead of time and have it filled out, if possible.
  • For your safety and ours, your temperature will be taken with a non-contact thermometer before entering the store.
  • Please stay a minimum of 6 feet from other patients at all times.
  • The exam room and pre-exam room will be wiped down and all equipment sanitized between each patient.
  • If you are coming in to purchase new glasses, have your glasses adjusted or fixed, etc., you will be assigned to an optician at their designated station and the optician will go over the current protocols.
  • If you are looking for new glasses, you will be given a sanitized tray to put frames in that you are interested in trying on at your station. Any frame that is handled needs to be put in the tray so that we can sanitize it before putting it back on display.
  • All frames will be sanitized properly with Hydrogen Peroxide and/or UVC light.
  • Each work station will be cleaned and sanitized after each patient leaves.