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“One of my individuals and I had such a wonderful experience that I had to share. She needed new glasses but unfortunately her insurance would not pay for them. We went to where she bought her last pair. The total was over $500.00. Thinking that cost was over her budget, we decided to try ModernEYES Optical. From the moment, we walked in, they made both of us feel welcome. They talked directly to her and helped her choose a nice frame and the features she wanted. When all was said, and done, she saved about $150.00. Not only did she save money, she said she had fun and he made her laugh.Their service was friendly and person centered. I highly recommend ModernEYES Optical”.

Diane, Program Manager at Friendship Community

Daisy“As a business owner in a design industry I knew I needed glasses that were going to speak for me. Glasses that would say; I know fashion, I know hip, I know trends. So, I decided to go to see the people at Modern Eyes. They know fashion, they know hip and they know trends. Here are my glasses€¦ I love the ombre look of them… I love the fitting and I certainly love the compliments! I can’t say enough wonderful things about my experience. From making the initial contact, having the eye exam (you’re going to LOVE Dr. Jalaluddin!!), picking out my fabulous frames with their staff (so much fun!!), picking them up a week later then, finally, all the excitement about wearing a fashion accessory every day! Of course, not to mention, I can finally see!!”

Daisy, owner of Perfect Settings, LLC

“Dear Modern Eyes,I want to thank-you for your willingness to provide vouchers for glasses for children in our district and schools. I have seen firsthand the difference it makes with the students in my school.

Recently a student needed another pair of glasses after her first pair became damaged beyond repair. As is the case with many hard-working families, money for a second pair of glasses was not in the budget… and as in many cases, the first pair is not either. I talked with the family and gave them one of your vouchers and they were able to get their child another pair free of charge at your store. I double-checked with the parents to make sure there were no out-of- pocket expenses, and there were not. I am fortunate to see the results first hand. When I see, a child smiling ear-to-ear over a new pair of glasses and to see they are so happy to have new glasses, I know it makes a difference in their lives. Because of what you offer to our community, children are able to receive not just the frames and lenses, but an eye exam as well. Thank-you.

As a principal, I want my students to love and appreciate reading. That can only happen if they can read the words clearly and see what they are reading. I never want the love of a child reading a favorite book to be deterred because they do not have glasses. I also do not want families having to choose between food on the table or a pair of needed glasses for their child; that should never be.

Know what you do does not go unrecognized and that I appreciate your willingness to be a part of our community.

With appreciation”,

Tony Aldinger, Principal, Bucher Elementary School

Facebook Reviews

ModernEYES Optical

Heidi Martin Weber

Not only did they have the best selection of frames, but they have the best price around. Since I am a self-pay Customer, I called around to all the local businesses to find out what their prices were. Modern Eyes had the lowest price and the biggest selection of trendy and classic frames. The icing on the cake is Modern Eyes’ passion for the community. In purchasing from them, I am supporting their vision to give back to the community. Reading the stories of how they give back to the community brings tears to my eyes. I will definitely be a faithful customer to this location of Modern Eyes as long as they are around.

ModernEYES Optical

Rita Tomassetti

I was very pleased with the services I received, the prices and the helpful staff! I was able to find the perfect glasses and prescription sunglasses for a great price, I had my vision checked as well and was very impressed with how thorough the eye doctor was. My son loved the play area and the seating area where I waited was very comfortable! Loved it! I will certainly be returning and sending customers your way!

ModernEYES Optical

Cheryl Ann Krull Marsden

This is a wonderful place to purchase glasses. The selection is amazing and the staff very helpful and truthful about choosing frames. There is no rush put on you and you can try on as many as you as you need to feel you have made the right choice. They are meticulous in marking the blank glass for the prescription lenses. When your glasses arrive, they are just as careful in adjusting them to make sure they are perfect on you. Not only is their service to you outstanding, but they also give back to the community in an assorted charitable events. If all businesses were run like this, the world would be a better place.